Best manager in PES 2021 mobile 2-CF-J. Canto

Introduction Of PES 2021 mobile

PES 2021 mobile is one of the most popular football games of today and the game is growing in popularity for Android and iOS. Many people are adding new gamers to the game but they have no idea how to play this game without proper instructions. Today I am going to make a series with the reviews of The managers in PES 2021 mobile. Today I will give you a review of a new best manager in pes 2021 mobile. I will also give you a few more best online manager reviews.If you visit this blog every day, you will get various tips and tricks.

Its popularity is increasing day by day with the rise of new gamers but these gamers can’t play them well due to lack of proper direction. There are a lot of new gamers.IF the best manager cannot be selected, You can always lose in online matches or You can win online matches with a lot of difficulties or you will not get good performance from your player of your squad.
It is very important to select a good manager for your team player.
I will review the manager from my four years experience For those who are good for tour matches and online match. I will introduce them to you.

Best Manager In PES 2021 Review: J canto

Manager’s Name: J. CANTO
Formation: 4-3-1-2
He is the manager of the Olympic de Marseille club. The speciality of playing with him is solid defence and counter-attack in the blink of an eye. That is why I am being forced to write a review about him. Defensive Tactic should be played as there is no good advantage in Offensive Tactic. So I am writing the review that way.

You can watch this video for 4-2-2-2 best manager formation

How to play with J Canto

♦ If you notice his Attacking Style – Counter Attack. This means that your team’s players will always be in attacking mode. As soon as your team gets the ball, they will start running in the opener’s box. In this case, if you increase the through, one of your strikers will get the ball.
Build See again Build up – Long pass. In this way, you will give the long ball that you are increasing through. Since your striker is on top of the race they will get the ball easily.

best manager in pes 2021 mobile
Best online manager-PES 2021
best manager in pes 2021 mobile
Best online manager-J canto

♦ Another thing that comes up is which side to give the ball through. If the throw increases from the middle, the striker will fall offside. Bix your Attacking Area – Wide. The strikers are expecting a one-sided thru ball from CMF. Not from the middle. However, if you play building and passing, you can go it anyway.
P Positioning of the manager – Flexible. This means that your players do not have to worry about maintaining the shape of the formation during the attack. Whoever benefits from it goes away. So you will see many during the attack. CF, there must be an attacking midfielder. You will also see the CMF go with it.
So this is the Best manager for online in PES 2021 mobile.

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How to Choose Player For J. Canto

The offensive goalkeeper is not needed as his defensive line is far below. The defensive goalkeeper can save very well.
Speedy Adv. Striker CF (such as Vardy, Mbappe, Aubameyang, Torres, Rummi) do well.
As AMF, hole player style players supply the ball and go to the scoring position themselves (Bruno Fernandes, Llorente, Iniesta, Cruyff). They give the best performance in this position.
CMF needs a Box to Box with excellent defensive ability. Such as Kante, Matthaus, Goretzka, etc. Must be another CMF passing expert. Such as Beckham, Scholes, Kroos, Modric, etc.
Taking Anchor Man-style player as DMF means keeping an extra defender. Gilberto Silva, I haven’t seen anyone on Vieira (Vieira would do well if not an anchorman).
The speedy player with good stamina and aggression should be played in LB and RB.
CB takes one of the Build Up styles. The other Extra Frontman, with jumps and headings, is good. For example Varane + Ramos pair or Lenglet + Pique pair.
So far today. I will appear in the future with more reviews inshaAllah.

In my experience, this is one of the best manager in pes 2021 mobile.You can use it online and tour matches easily

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