Efootball pes 2022 Mobile All Information/Release Date

efootball 2022 mobile all information:

Today, Konami has given a lot of information about the release of efootball pes 2022 mobile and has revealed the major changes in mobile. Let’s not know.

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pes 2022 mobile requirement

Firstly, Efootball pes 2022 mobile will not run on all devices, like 1GB or 2GB ram mobiles. it will not be the same at 22. Game engine development will not work on all devices with major changes. You need to buy a good phone.

pes 2022 mobile release date

Release Date: 30th October (Pc/Console). It Will be released on mobile in early October or early November.

Major Changes In PES

Player Contracts:

There will be a huge change here. Earlier we had to renew the contact after 10 matches. From now on PES 22 is no longer available this. Base players will be renewed once for 365 days when you sign him. With the contact ticket now, the time of these will be changed to 60 days which was only for 10 matches before. This means that once renewed, you can use it for 60 days.


Match Types:

The match type will change at efootball 2022. There is no friendy match option. This means that the IDs of the friends with whom you play the match are saved in your ID. All these will be removed in 22 season. Online match lobby mode will be given instead of it.

EFootball 22 has 4 types of matches.

  • Tour event
  • Challenge event
  • Online quick match
  • Online match lobby

New Player Types in PES 22

  • Standard (base player)
  • Trending
  • Featured
  • Legendary player

No carryover player will be in 22. Instead of it, you’ll get the equivalent GP possible by releasing them.

Legendary Players:

The Legend Player will convert to legendary player card what you have in your 21 in 22, but their level may not be the same what you have now in 21. Level 1 is shown in this regard. It means that everyone will become level 1 and they will not have any contract. You will have to renew with a new contact ticket at 22. In the beginning, you will be given 10 tickets for free. Once you renew, you will be able to use it for 60 days. After 60 days, you will have to renew it again.

efootball PES 2022 mobile legendary card
Legendary Card

No Iconic Moment Will available In PES

There is no player in the iconic category at Efootball pes 2022 mobile. The regular type will be legendary. This means that there will be an iconic but only the type will change. Now they have an iconic moment of type. They will also have a 60-day contract renewal system.

New Trending player category

This is a new type of card variation. It will start from 22 and this is the most demanding type. Because this type of player will be mixed from the beginning. You don’t have to mix with a trainer. With their performance will be the highest. It can be compared to an iconic + featured (combined) card.

efootball PES 2022 mobile trending card
efootball PES 2022 mobile trending card

What will happen about Kiss Messi and Other Player Pack and Jersey?

Maybe you have the question that “What will happen about Kiss Messi and Other Player Pack?” Well Let’s see, The theme that Messi Ron bought the pack with will not be in 22 and will be given 1K GP instead. But Messi Ron will have their category will be legendary.

Those who have taken the jersey with points will not have that kit. instead, 4K GP will be given.

Efootball pes 2022 mobile will have all the GPs, coins, ePoints in your ID. Everything can be done at 22 with these.

  • GP: You can buy players and managers with GP.
  • Coins: Players can buy match passes with coins.
  • Point: It allows you to buy specified player & game items (tokens).

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