eFootball pes mobile 2022 release date | 5 Important Tips before Update

eFootball pes mobile 2022 release date:

The launch date of e-football mobile 2022 is only 1 month left. Console data pack 1 will come on 11th November. With this data pack or e-football mobile will come a little later. So update confirmation is coming in the 2nd week of November. The efootball PES 2022 mobile release date has been changed . Konami did not clarify the release date. The possible release date is the last week of November or the 1st week of December.

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Today’s discussion is about what to do and what not to do in preparation for the last time of eFootball pes mobile 2022 update. I hope these tips will be useful for everyone, old and new.

Let’s do some criticism first, then we will discuss:

Why did they leave the trading system in eFootball PES 2022 mobile?

In response to this question, I asked you the opposite question, what is the use of trade? With trade, we can only take the base players. The base player with 3 featured the base player with 3 legends, base player with 3 icons. Ultimately, without a base player, There is nothing to trade. But at efootball pes 22, you can buy the base player of your choice with just some GP. You don’t have to pay any box draw, the price tag of the player will be given you can buy whatever you want, and yes at 22 With GP, you can only sign the base player. According to Konami’s commentary (Official News), it is now a question of whether they will give a legendary card in the future or not. You can use 22 as its base (standard card).So the trade option is of no use!

What can be done with the additional trainers in the inbox? Will the GP replace them?

Konami has clarified twice that it will not carry anything extra in the inbox. Now Konami has not said whether the GP will replace the extra items in the inbox.

Now let’s come to the tips.

5 important tips before update efootball PES mobile 2022

1.Boycott the iconic box draw In PES mobile 2021

Strange as it may sound, this is a good thing. You may not know or don’t bother knowing that the legends/icons of the 21st century will not have a contract at the 22nd.That will be very rare. It means you will not be able to save hundreds as easily as now. With that ticket, you will be able to renew these legends/icons again for only 60 days! On the other hand, the legends/icons that you will get in pes 22, but you will get with a 1-year contract . Now the decision is yours, what will you do!

2. Use the contract ticket of PES 21

Many of us do not use contract tickets in PES 21, because we renew with GP, why should we waste the tickets? But don’t do that from now on. When you renew a player with a GP, the minimum cost is 12/1300 to 1900, and the GP costs. Now the decision is yours. Now if you save GP, you will save a lot more GP than what you get in exchange for these tickets at efootball PES mobile 22. But yes, of course, use tickets to renew the players who play, don’t add any more. Renew players below 1000 with GP.

3.Do not use management skills, position boost, skill booster

All these things will be removed at efootball Mobile 2022. Not only that, the skills/positions that you have boosted by using these will not be there. At PES mobile 22, these will be reset. So, just leave these unnecessary use for 1 month. You will get some GP.

4.Max before removing the player

Many people release a player to draw a box and/or to empty a slot. They train the player before the player is released if there are thousands of trainers like me in the inbox.

  • The higher the player level, the higher the GP.
  • The trainer slot will be empty and you will be able to fill the slot with 5 * trainer.

5. Do not do Null

These tips are, especially for our thief community. With only 1 month left for the update, Dhumaya nulls up the rating. You can’t show it to Kaur. In addition, after 1 month, you can reset all the resets. If the ID is gone for a month after the ID, then the bonus, the event is all over. So I think it is a good idea to play without this 1-month null. We will have peace.

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