How to install patch in PES 2021 mobile Easy Way

What IS PES Patch?

After Install patch in pes 2021 , the game experience will be surely changed. Patch is a wonderful creation of third party. In patch, you will get an edited game files like licensed club kits, custom logo, player face, custom background, menus as well as commentary. Patch is getting popular day by day. Since the PES 17 patch is being made by third party. Konami is not directly connected to make patch.

Is installing Patch in PES 2021 safe?

From PES 2017 , Many third party created patch and used it perfectly.But there were no proof of getting account ban from konami. Konami wants to promote their game and the third party do this . So, Install patch in pes 2021 mobile without hesitation and enjoy.

How to Install Patch in PES 2021 mobile

Installation of patch is much easy for android user . But in IOS , it little harder than android. Today i will show you how to install patch in pes 21 in android.

Guide for Android USER:

You must have the latest apk file and obb file of PES 21 mobile .

Step 1:

Download the latest Patch obb file from .

UEFA champions league patch for PES 2021

Step 2:

Install zarchiver apk or other app for extract the zip file.

Step 3:

After downloading zarchiver apk and OBB file of PES, open zarchiver apk and go the download folder where you have downloaded obb zip file. Then click on it and extract, You must have 1.5 gb free space on your device.

Step 4:

Then go to Android→Obb→jp.konami.pesam folder and you will see 2 file 1st one is around 400 MB and 2nd is 1.2GB+. Delete the 2nd file from this folder or backup it for future use.

Step 5:

Now just copy or cut your downloaded obb patch file and paste in Android→Obb→jp.konami.pesam this folder .

Boom!! Done!!

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  1. Doesn’t work at all, why is that? I have done it over 3 times now, everytime I click the app, it starts downloading the again.
    Where the APK for the patch or do we use the one from playstore?


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