How to use Facebook in Bangladesh safely

How to use Facebook in Bangladesh safely: Assalamu Alaikum
How are you all, I hope everyone is well.
Messenger with Facebook has been closed in Bangladesh since March 26. Many people are not able to use Facebook. Many are using Facebook again using VPN. Many IDs are being disabled as a result of reverse VPN use.
Today This post will solve this problem. No one is yet sure when Facebook will be launched. So we should browse Facebook in a safe way. So that our ID is not lost.

Use Facebook Via Opera Mini

For this, I will say to use a browser named opera mini. So that no extra VPN is required. VPN is given in this browser. So first download Opera Mini from Google Playstore. Get inside. Then if you enter the setting option from the menu, you will get the option called VPN. Get inside.

Opera Mini For Facebook

App details:

App name Opera Mini
Operating SystemAndroid

Download : PLay Store

best vpn for facebook

Then from the inside, enter the mode you want to run the VPN. You have to login to Facebook again and again in private mode. So I would say turn off this private mode. He will select the server like you from below. Now all work is done. Now you can use your Facebook ID safely.

Best VPN For Facebook- 2nd Method

IF you want to use Facebook app in Bangladesh as well as a messenger, You have to use vpn. Now if you want to use Facebook with VPN, I would say to use VPN of the premium server. So that the server load is low. And the IP is real. As a result, there will be no problem with Facebook ID. The name of such a VPN is VPN Tomato
Download it by searching Google Playstore. OR click Here

App Details:

App nameTomato VPN
Operating SystemAndroid

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tomato vpn for facebook

Once downloaded, you have to select the server from the top right side. Clicking on the top right. Go to the bottom to select the server. There you will see that there is a VIP server which if used will not be a problem with your ID.
Remember not to change the server once you use it. Changing can cause problems with the ID.

I am using Malaysia. If you click in Malaysia, you will see an Ads. If you see the server will be unlocked and be able to use Facebook.
The speed of this VPN is good. I am using this vpn. No problem. Feel free to use it.
Then if you think security is needed,You can use this vpn without any doubt.If you want to know more about the above apps, you can follow this post.

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